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Stop using these redundant words and phrases right now

If you want to be a powerful communicator, the single most effective skill you can develop is being concise. Cut the waffle and get straight to the point.  Why? Because nowadays you have seconds to get your message across. In fact, a recent study by Microsoft found that the human attention span has dropped to […]

10 most common english language errors made by chinese speakers

10 Most Common English Language Errors Made by Chinese Speakers Many of our students speak English as a second or even third language, and feel there are some gaps in their grammar and usage. They worry language errors make them sound unprofessional so they spend a lot of time checking and re-checking communications. In fact, […]

5 ways to improve your business writing skills right now

Whatever your career ambitions are, better writing skills will help get you there.  If you’re serious about improving your writing skills, we recommend you take a course and dedicate some time to it. It’s an investment in yourself that will pay big dividends. But for those who are keen to get started right away, here […]

Are your writing skills holding your career back?

Good communication is vital for success in today’s workplace. It allows people to work together, solve problems and get things done – quickly and easily. It bonds and motivates teams, increases morale and boosts creativity. And in the digital age, 80% of communication is written. That makes great writing skills a must for any ambitious […]

Why we care so much about words and why we do what we do

If I asked you to point to northwest right now, would you struggle? Would you have to think for a second? Or would you have no idea at all? In Australia, there’s an Aboriginal tribe with no words for left and right. Instead, they use cardinal directions. So they might say, “I have a pain […]

Quiz: How much do you know about copywriting?

If you’re thinking about a career in copywriting, great! Copywriting is a highly enjoyable skill that will open doors for you to work on interesting projects with interesting people all around the world. First, why not test your knowledge about the craft with this quick quiz? We’ve included questions that our professional copywriters get asked […]

5 steps to writing shorter sentences

Everyone understands the need to be brief. Attention spans are dwindling. We’re bombarded by messages (around 5,000 promotional messages and 120 work-related emails a day). And we’re not that keen on reading any more. A big chunk of text will send us hot-footing it to the next email, hoping it has fewer words. What’s more, […]

4 serious copywriting mistakes most writers make

Do you feel your copywriting has lost its edge? Like your content is falling on deaf ears? If your copy isn’t getting results, you may be making one of these serious (but very common) mistakes. Mistakes are a necessary part of learning any craft, including copywriting. If you’re not getting results from your copywriting, first […]