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3 examples of copywriting we love

Working on your copywriting skills? Spend time looking at the brands getting it right. While every business is unique and must develop their own voice, every piece of great copy has lessons for us all. Here, we look at three examples of copywriting we love and break down what they can teach us. WeTransfer The […]

Is your small business brand boring?

Think about the last time you needed a new washing machine. It’s an investment, so you go online and dutifully start comparing different models. As you scroll through pages and pages of product specs, all the information starts to blur in your mind. You forget which appliances you’ve already looked at. It’s all just so…boring. […]

The right tone for a business email

As the primary form of workplace communication, email is essential for connecting with colleagues, business partners and clients. Whether you’re pitching a business proposal, instructing your team or managing customer enquiries, your emails need to hit the mark. This means knowing not only what to say but how to say it. The dangers of over-formality […]

Writing a bio that people actually want to read

Let’s face it, reading the average Team page is as dull as watching paint dry. Team bios, particularly in the world of professional services, tend to be a catalogue of qualifications, positions held and mysterious acronyms. Not only are they dull to read, but in many cases the reader simply doesn’t care about what’s in […]

Copy vs. content – what’s the difference and why does it matter?

You might have heard the terms ‘copywriting’ and ‘content writing’ used interchangeably. In fact, there are differences between the two, and knowing that can help you understand how best to use copy and content to your company’s advantage. Copy vs. Content – different approaches, complementary outcomes Copywriting is all about persuasion. The ultimate aim of […]

Forget school – learn writing skills for the modern workplace

“I have never let schooling interfere with my education,” said Mark Twain. It’s a sentiment we certainly agree with here at the Academy. What we’re taught in school is meant to serve limited aims, like developing basic skills and passing assessments. Sadly, once we get out into the real world, a lot of what we’ve […]

The good, the bad, and the cringe: 2022 additions to the Oxford English Dictionary

Language is always changing. Words and expressions are constantly being invented or redefined to describe new phenomena or changing attitudes, and dictionaries gradually register these shifts. Take ‘goblin mode’, which was selected as the Oxford English Dictionary (OED)’s Word of the Year by popular vote. It refers to ‘a type of behaviour which is unapologetically […]

Crafting stand out festive messages for your small business

It’s that special time of year when buildings are aglow with Christmas lights and the voice of Mariah Carey can be heard in every corner. The holiday season is all about celebrating with the people around you – including those who support your business. Christmas is a great time to really connect with your audience […]

To emoji or not to emoji?

In 1999, the Japanese telecommunications company NTT DOCOMO released a set of 176 pictures for use in pager and mobile phone messages. Designed by Shigetaka Kurita, these pixelated smiley faces, hearts and common symbols for things like food and weather were dubbed “emojis”, a combination of the Japanese words for “picture” (e), “write” (mo) and […]

Why you should ditch the corporate buzzwords to communicate more effectively

You’ve probably rolled your eyes at a self-proclaimed “disruptor”, or felt your heart sink on hearing “finding synergy” for the third time in a meeting. Corporate jargon is everywhere, and if we’re being honest, we all hate it. The internet is awash with memes and opinion pieces that poke fun at “the worst corporate buzzwords”. […]