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Killer Copywriting

Complimentary live webinar

Learn the proven methodologies that will guarantee you get more leads, win more clients, sell more stuff and make more money. As a business owner or marketer, copywriting is the most powerful skill in your toolkit.

The most important business skill you’ll ever learn

Copywriting is essentially finding the words that persuade people to take action. Imagine knowing exactly what to say to rouse your reader into action – ANY ACTION YOU LIKE!

Who’s the most powerful person in the room now?!

Are you a marketing and comms professional or running your own business?
Have you landed the task of copywriting just because you speak English?
Are you writing copy without any real training at all?
Are you feeling defeated because your words aren’t getting results?
Do you feel like you’re just guessing every time you write something?
Are you frustrated spending hours writing when you have a million other things to do?

Don’t write another thing until you’ve attended this webinar. We can help!

Thursday 29th September, 2022
7 – 8pm HK / Singapore / Beijing time
Live on Zoom

Join Killer Copywriting and learn the writing skills that will ensure you:


“The Copywriting Masterclass was smashing. You’re an inspiring and engaging teacher, it was excellent material and the pace of the session was perfect. I’d love you to do another one.”

Marianne Blamire, MD and co-founder, salt Singapore

You’ll learn how to:

  • Grab your audience’s precious attention
    Win the admiration and respect of your peers with clear and ordered writing.
  • Keeping them interested
    Write for them and about what matters to them.
  • Persuade them that they need your product or service
    Learn what really persuades people to buy.
  • Prompt them to take action
    Guide them every step of the way, remove all barriers to action, then tell them exactly what to do next.

“I recently completed Write to Sell Pro Level (100% recommend)! My writing is now a lot more powerful. I’m able to be persuasive without using too many words and I understand how to build an in-depth avatar so I can tailor effectively for my audience.”

Hinly Wong, Up-and-coming copywriter

Best practices from two decades of copywriting for world-renowned brands

Freya Giles

Freya is the founder of The Giles Agency, one of Asia’s leading creative agencies, and The Giles Academy, a learning hub for ambitious professionals. She’s been writing for the region’s best-loved brands for over 20 years. 

Through her work, she’s come to understand the incredible power of a few well-chosen words. Now Freya channels her learnings into live and online trainings, on a mission to help her students harness the great power of words for themselves.


Webinars are limited to 25 participants.
We like to keep our webinars intimate so everyone has the chance to ask questions and get feedback.
And there’s a BONUS. One attendee will win a private coaching call with Freya Giles, valued at US$225.

Effective copywriting – the difference between business success and failure.

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