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Give your skills an instant boost with our content-packed, interactive sessions.

The copywriting class was smashing. You’re an inspiring and engaging teacher, it was excellent material and the pace of the session was perfect. I’d love to do another one.

Marianne Blamire, MD and co-founder, salt Singapore

Copywriting 101

90-minute live webinar

Copywriting 101 is a beginner’s tour of the fundamental tenets of effective copywriting. If you’re writing copy in your role or for your small business without any real training, this is the webinar for you.

Persuasive Business Writing

90-minute live webinar

Master persuasive writing to win pitches, get buy-in to your ideas, impress clients and colleagues, and elicit the desired response to every email you send. Save time, get results and feel more fulfilled at work.

Impactful Messenger

2-day workshop on sharing your wisdom with the world

Explore how to build a profitable messenger business, from finding inspiration to a step-by-step action plan to get you launched.

Write, Sell, Grow

2-day copywriting workshop for small business owners

Create copy that will immediately lift your brand and boost your bottom line. Get expert guidance and leave with drafts of your must-have marketing pieces.

Crafting your Brand

90-minute webinar

Make sure you stand out from the crowd with a brand that effortlessly draws your ideal customers to you.

Mastering Difficult Communications

90-minute webinar

Learn simple strategies to turn every difficult communication into an opportunity to cement relationships and enhance your reputation.

Overcoming Gendered Language

90-minute webinar

Join the mission for true equality by examining how gendered language perpetuates the status quo and how we can change our world by changing our words.

Writing for Marketing Funnels

90-minute webinar

Make sure your funnel is bringing in more warm leads than you can handle with irresistible copy.

Writing for Social Media

90-minute webinar

Boost engagement and attract the followers you really want with simple social media must-dos.

Impactful Employer Branding

90-minute webinar

Attract the talent that will propel your company forward with a compelling employer brand.

Want something tailored for your team?

Is there a particular challenge your team is having? Do you want to develop a consistent approach? Do you want guidance on a particular type of communication? Our tailored trainings are an effective way to get everyone on your team aligned and up to speed quickly.

Freya’s copywriting training was simply amazing. We asked The Giles Agency for a 10-ppl crash course on social media copywriting and Freya delivered exactly what we needed to give our team an alignment and boost. The training was engaging, hands-on, precise, and very professional.

Xavier Schillinger, Director of Operations – Partner, Digital Business Lab