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Write to the Top – Pro

Self-paced online business writing course with individual feedback

Guided online business writing course
Take your skills to the highest level with individual feedback and guidance from a dedicated writing coach

Strong writing skills are absolutely critical for success in the modern workplace.

Whatever field you’re in, strong writing skills will help you skip up the career ladder.

But most of us find it challenging, and it’s no surprise. Everything we every learnt about writing at school is working against us. Learn the new rules of effective written communication for today’s workplace.

Write with confidence. Share your ideas effectively. Boost your credibility and your influence. Build strong relationships. Increase your productivity and effectiveness.

You’ll learn to

  • Make an excellent impression on your clients and colleagues
    Win the admiration and respect of your peers with clear and ordered writing.
  • Grab your reader’s attention and persuade them to take action
    Write powerfully and persuasively so your emails never get ignored again.
  • Power up your productivity
    Clear and concise communication ensures the job gets done – quickly and effectively.
  • Save precious time
    You have a mountain of work and no time to waste. Our students report cutting their writing time in half.
  • Build better relationships
    At work and in life, it’s all about relationships. Build stronger relationships so you’re always top of mind.
  • Write and hit send with complete confidence
    Writing is an enjoyable experience when you know what you’re doing. Learn to write with confidence and ease.

Is this you?

  • Are you paranoid about mistakes in your writing, checking everything multiple times?
  • Are you frustrated by how much time you spend drafting and redrafting your work?
  • Do you worry about rambling and taking way too long to get to the point?
  • Do you struggle to get your thoughts down on paper clearly?
  • Are you unsure of the right tone to use in emails?
  • Do you feel a little nervous whenever you hit send on an email to management?
  • Do writing tasks seem big and onerous?
  • You don’t have to feel that way! Learn to write effectively, with confidence and ease.

HR managers consistently rank strong written communication in the top three most desired attributes in potential hires.

Freya Giles

Your trainer

Freya is a communications expert and founder of The Giles Agency, an Asia-based creative agency, and The Giles Academy, a learning hub for ambitious professionals and business owners.

She is passionate about the transformational power of the written word and its ability to propel individuals, teams and businesses to success.

Drawing on 20 years’ experience as a writer and business communications advisor for brands including AIA, Swire, DBS and DHL, Freya helps her students master the art of persuasive communication through a range of fun, practical and inspiring courses.

Write to the Top helped me to understand what actually makes business writing effective. I learnt to use fewer words, write less formally and ask for action in a productive way. I’m happy to say I now get a better response to my emails! I particularly enjoyed working with Freya during the coaching calls. Her comments and tips were clear and helpful. Overall, I found the course very practical and easy to apply to my everyday communications. I would recommend it to any professional.

Linda Cheng, HR Manager, Grosvenor Asia Pacific

What you get

  • On-demand video trainings
    Discover the key tenets of effective business writing with ten comprehensive video trainings of
    up to 25 minutes each. Each one addresses a vital aspect of writing for results, and includes
    clear examples and practical tips. Simply log in and view at your convenience from any device.
  • Exercises
    Perfect your art with plenty of practice. Each module is accompanied by practical exercises
    to reinforce your learnings. Polish your new-found skill until it becomes second nature.
  • Personal feedback
    Submit your exercises for review by our professional writers. They’ll let you know what you’re doing well, what you need to work on and share additional tips and guidance to take your skills to the highest level.
  • Forum
    Access the Write to the Top forum to chat to other ambitious communicators, exchange tips, ask
    questions and seek feedback. Our writing team visits the forum regularly to provide clarity on
    any tricky issues.

Your investment


Course name
Write to the Top – Pro
Course description

Self-paced online business writing course with individual feedback

What you get


  • 10 on-demand training videos
  • Practice exercises
  • Individual feedback
  • Forum access
Taught by
Freya Giles

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  • 10 on-demand training videos
  • Practice exercises
  • Individual feedback
  • Forum access
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