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Write to Sell – Starter

Self-paced online copywriting course

Copywriting is the most important business skill you’ll ever learn.

In today’s noisy and hyper-competitive world, great copy will help your company stand out from the crowd, turn readers into buyers and create lasting engagement. But you need to know what you’re doing.

If you’re sick of floundering around, wasting your valuable time creating copy that doesn’t get results, this is the course for you.

You’ll learn to

  • Capture your reader’s precious attention
    You have seconds to grab your reader’s attention before they’re gone forever. Learn how to do it.
  • Keep your reader interested
    Make sure your reader keeps reading by talking directly to them about what matters to them.
  • Persuade your reader that they need your product or service – now
    Learn what really persuades people to buy. Clue: it’s not about the mattress, it’s about the good night’s sleep.
  • Prompt your reader to take action
    Guide your reader every step of the way, remove all barriers to action then tell them exactly what to do next.

Copywriting is the second most profitable form of writing.

The first is ransom notes.

Is this you?

  • Are you a marketing or comms professional writing or commissioning copy?
  • Have you landed the task of copywriting just because you can put together a sentence?
  • Are you writing copy without any real training at all?
  • Are you feeling defeated because your words aren’t getting results?
  • Do you feel like you’re just guessing every time you write something?
  • Are you frustrated spending hours writing when you have a million other things to do?
  • Stop churning out marketing material that doesn’t work and start getting results.
Freya Giles

Your trainer

Freya Giles is a highly experienced and sought-after writer and communications consultant, working with individuals, SMEs and the world’s biggest brands to help them achieve their communication goals. She is the founder of The Giles Agency, one of Asia’s leading creative agencies, and The Giles Academy, a centre of learning for budding communicators.

Never underestimate the power of a few well-chosen words. They can inspire, excite and ignite, terrify, tease and tantalise – and of course they can sell. There’s very little you can’t achieve with your words – if you know how.

Freya Giles

What you get

  • On-demand video trainings
    Discover the key tenets of effective copywriting with ten comprehensive video trainings of up to 25 minutes each. Each one addresses a vital aspect of writing to sell, and includes clear examples and practical tips. Simply log in and view at your convenience from any device.
  • Exercises
    Perfect your art with plenty of practice. Each module is accompanied by practical exercises to reinforce your learnings. Polish your new-found skill until it becomes second nature.

Your investment


Pro level

Want to take it to the next level with feedback from our professional copywriters? Check out our certification course – Write to Sell Pro.

Course name
Write to Sell – Starter
Course description

Self-paced online copywriting course

What you get

Includes 10 on-demand training videos and accompanying practice exercises.

Taught by
Freya Giles

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Includes 10 on-demand training videos and accompanying practice exercises.

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