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Write to Sell – Pro

Self-paced online copywriting certification course

Master this powerful skill – fast.

If you want to break into the exciting world of advertising or instantly boost sales for your company or small business, Write to Sell Pro is the course for you.

You’ll learn to

  • Capture your reader’s precious attention
    You have seconds to grab your reader’s attention before they’re gone forever. Learn how to do it.
  • Keep your reader interested
    Make sure your reader keeps reading by talking directly to them about what matters to them.
  • Persuade your reader that they need your product or service – now
    Learn what really persuades people to buy. Clue: it’s not about the mattress, it’s about the good night’s sleep.
  • Prompt your reader to take action
    Guide your reader every step of the way, remove all barriers to action then tell them exactly what to do next.

I recently completed Write to Sell Pro Level (100% recommend)! My writing is now a lot more powerful. I’m able to be persuasive without using too many words and I understand how to build an in-depth avatar so I can tailor effectively for my audience.

Easily the best part of the course was the feedback. I’ll always be grateful for my coach’s guidance.

Hinly Wong, up-and-coming copywriter

Is this you?

  • Are you a junior or aspiring copywriter?
  • Do you want to boost sales and create lasting engagement for your small business?
  • Are you often asked to write copy in your role but feel overwhelmed and lost?
  • Are you frustrated spending hours writing when you have a million other things to do?
  • Would you like to add huge value to your team and get noticed by your managers?
  • Stop churning out marketing material that doesn’t work and start getting results.
Freya Giles

Your trainer

Freya is a communications expert and founder of The Giles Agency, an Asia-based creative agency, and The Giles Academy, a learning hub for ambitious professionals and business owners.

She is passionate about the transformational power of the written word and its ability to propel individuals, teams and businesses to success.

Drawing on 20 years’ experience as a writer and business communications advisor for brands including AIA, Swire, DBS and DHL, Freya helps her students master the art of persuasive communication through a range of fun, practical and inspiring courses.

What you get

  • On-demand video trainings
    Discover the key tenets of effective copywriting with ten comprehensive video modules of up to 25 minutes each. Each one addresses a vital aspect of writing to sell, and includes clear examples and practical tips. Simply log in and view at your convenience from any device.
  • Exercises
    Perfect your art with plenty of practice. Each module is accompanied by practical exercises to reinforce your learnings. Polish your new-found skill until it becomes second nature.
  • Personal feedback
    Submit your exercises for review by our expert copywriters. They’ll let you know what you’re doing well and what you need to work on, and share additional tips and guidance to take your skills to the highest level.
  • Forum
    Access the Write to Sell forum to chat with other budding copywriters, exchange tips, ask questions and seek feedback. Our writing team visits the forum regularly to provide clarity on any tricky issues.
  • Certification
    This course is certified by The Giles Agency, one of Asia’s leading creative agencies. Receive a handy digital certificate to share with prospective employers and clients.

Your investment


Course name
Write to Sell – Pro
Course description

Self-paced online copywriting certification course

What you get


  • 10 on-demand training videos
  • Practice exercises
  • Individual feedback
Taught by
Freya Giles

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  • 10 on-demand training videos
  • Practice exercises
  • Individual feedback
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