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Dramatically boost your skills and fast-track your goals with our content-packed, flexible online trainings.

Course content is carefully crafted to address the most pressing needs of our students and ensure rapid progress. Teachings are practical and presented with real life examples for instant application.

Each course offers two levels with an optional private coaching add-on, meaning you can choose exactly the right level of support for you. All Pro-level learners get individual feedback from a dedicated writing coach.

Start when you’re ready and study anytime, anywhere with on-demand training videos and self-paced exercises. Questions, challenges, particular needs? We go out of our way to get you what you need.

Online education is one of the most exciting developments in learning since the printing press. Wherever you are in the world, you can access subject experts, get instant feedback and exchange views with diverse groups of learners. Make sure you’re taking advantage of this incredible tool in your own personal growth.

Freya Giles

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