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3 examples of copywriting we love

Working on your copywriting skills? Spend time looking at the brands getting it right. While every business is unique and must develop their own voice, every piece of great copy has lessons for us all.

Here, we look at three examples of copywriting we love and break down what they can teach us.


  • The heading is punchy, direct and aspirational. In five words, this brand tells you it will help you realise your dreams – and who doesn’t want that? Pushing emotional buttons is highly effective!
  • The copy speaks to its target audience. Creatives are among the key user segments of this file-sharing service – think photographers, designers, and magazine publishers who regularly need to send large files. So highlighting ‘ideas’, ‘creativity’ and ‘reviewing work’ will hit home with the people who are likely to use WeTransfer.
  • The copy focuses on benefits, not features. It promises to keep you inspired by making the logistical tasks faster and easier without getting bogged down with overly technical product specs.
  • Clear call to action (CTA) – once you’ve got your reader’s attention, tell them where to go next!

Under Armour

  • The copy goes straight to the product’s USPs, which are clearly linked to the needs of Under Armour’s sporty target audience – a well-designed shoe that can support both training and recovery.
  • The homepage has not one but two CTAs. This is an easy but highly effective way to boost conversions. The line at the top gets bonus points for creating a sense of urgency and scarcity using language that plays on the product’s name and function. Shop fast, run fast!

First Round

  • And what about Business-to-business (B2B) copywriting examples? B2B can be, well, a bit dull. Not so with the seed-stage venture firm First Round. Instead of leading with financial facts and figures, the copy is focused on building a human connection with the target audience. Using ‘we’ and ‘our companies’ results in a more personal tone, and the message emphasises the open-minded and collaborative nature of the First Round team.
  • The brand tells a story using concise yet descriptive language. The closing line in bold conjures an image of a team that will make time for a face-to-face meeting on the strength of a startup founder’s idea. This bolsters the message that First Round is warm and supportive.
  • No corporate jargon! The language is clear, direct and carries just the right amount of emotion while still sounding professional.

We’d love to see examples of copywriting you love.